Demo Reel

Demo Reel of Thomas J. Chester:




The Toy Shop Created with Maya

All art in this demo was created solely by TJ Chester

Death Dealer Sword and Shield from Frank Frazetta, model used to create actual jewelry sold at http://www.frazettaartgallery.com/gallery/HTML/jewerly.html
(Not Pictured--Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer Axe, and Bloodstone Sword)

Sword-1,534 triangles
Shield-1,346 tris

Rusty Cans- Non-procedural texturing using nine 1k color, specular and normal maps, 43,000 tris

Sockem Rockem Robots-28,772 tris

Little Clown Fish-6,169 tris with 1k color map and 256k color map for eyes

Fruit Bowl-Procedural Textures 290,000 tris, each pineapple piece is 1,172 tris

Locomotive-138,657 tris with an assignment to make it look like a cartoon train from a base mesh created by Zach Lantow. Coal Car is 1,1076 tris, Caboose is 5,512 tris each.

Cash Register-6,674 tris